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Leaving his mother to attend to the visitors who crowded in to drink success to the new proprietor in a cup of ale, Stephen Holgrave stole unobserved out of the cottage towards nightfall.Browse more stories online, or subscribeto receive stories and news via The Diplomat, our e-newsletter.

Story 6/23/2021

Bridging Civic Engagement and Spirituality at F&M

Recent graduateJames Overstreetdiscusses his experience as theKlehr Center'sfirst civic engagement intern,including registering students as first-time voters through MitzVote.

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Story 6/21/2021

F&M Student STARS to Catch Gravitational Waves

Astrophysics student researchersat F&Mare among the beneficiaries of the National Science Foundations renewed support of the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves or...

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Story 6/17/2021

F&M Poll: Majority Believe States Election Laws Need...

Fifty-nine percent of Pennsylvanias registered voters believe revisions are needed to the states election laws, according to recent the Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

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She locked up those treasures, and going to the window drew aside the curtain and looked out. The autumnal fall of the leaf from the trees in the garden had brought into view houses in the town hidden before; among these was St Thomass Vicarage, that stood slightly apart from the others and was easily recognisable. With the aid of an opera glass she could distinguish the windows, and{112} saw that a light was burning behind the blinds of his study. He had come in, then, and for a full minute she contemplated the luminous oblong. Later, she had sometimes seen that a window exactly above that was lit. She liked seeing that, for it meant that he was going to bed, and would soon be asleep, for he had mentioned that he went to sleep the moment he got into bed. Once she had watched till that light went out also.The degraded priest proceeded slowly amidst the sympathizing crowd that attended his steps. Several times he stopped, with the intention of requesting the people to return home and leave him to pursue his journey as he might, but he could not collect that firmness of demeanor which had been wont to distinguish him; and ashamed further to betray his weakness, he each time passed on without uttering a word. They had cleared the town, and were crossing the bridge on the left, over the Isborn, when Calverley, and about half a dozen retainers well mounted, darted from the bridge into the high road. Four of the men, springing from their horses, surrounded the monk and were about placing him on the back of one of the steeds, when the faculties, which had been for the moment chained by astonishment and indignation, burst forth with unexpected energy, and, with a form expanded to its full height, and an eye flashing fire, he shook off their rude grasp, and stepping back, demanded by what authority he was thus molested.Upcoming Events

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